ABOUT US Welcome to Swift Hermes

Swift Hermes stands out from the crowd in the worild of logistics providers because of its physical operations and philosophy. We provide capacity at all levels, offer a genuine partnership and share risk throughout the supply chain network. Our route planning and strategic placement allows us to support a customer footprint across the entire United States of America and beyond.

Our dedication to bringing new levels of expertise to our supply chain management at Swift Hermes made us not to only rely on a fixed facility structure but to focus on best-in-class solutions that take your business where it needs to go. We embraces continuous improvement in everything we do, including methodologies and training.

We are customer-driven, providing technology, value creation and ever-continuous improvement.

Our strategy foundations are:

  1. Securing the future of all our partners by stimulating a continuous growth
  2. Optimize efficiency of our dedicated supply chain operations
  3. Full service that goes further than customer satisfaction